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Schedule Potato Tool
You can do everything from picking one to multiple posts, choosing the location, date and time to post and even create your caption and first comment! It’s like a dream come true! Do it all in one place, schedule, then go on with your day.
Schedule potato features
It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a Social Potato
Manage different accounts at a time
You can add multiple Instagram accounts to your Social Potato Account so you can manage everything in one place.
Program your post ahead of time
When scheduling you can click the
time and day you want your post to go on your feed as well as picking the location.

You can create caption templates that are available to you at any time, and add them later on when you create a post to save time.

And post your first comment through the app!

You can even post a slideshow on your IG through the “Post an album” button, where you can pick more than one picture to post as a slideshow.

Analytics & Stats
Learn what kind of posts are the ones you need more of! You can see how your Instagram is doing over time so you can learn what is working in order to improve your content over time
Organize DMs & live chat
Message your followers within Social Potato! Keep track of your conversations and make chatting with your leads a breeze.
All social potato tools are...
Fully Encrypted
Keep your private details, well... Private. Our dashboard encrypts all your login information with 256bit SSL privacy.
Fully Supported
Social Potato is a web app. What this means is that you can use from any device as long as you have access to that magical thing called the internetz
Super Intuitive
Our dashboard is designed to make everything easy, which means you're gonna be able to focus less on the setup and more on your content
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We currently only support English, but we have plans to roll out more languages in the future.
Yeah! Social Potato is gonna help you to manage you client's accounts with ease.
There are no FAKE followers or fake engagement or any type of false inflation on the instagram accounts you setup in Socialpotato.

We help you get real followers by providing tools necesary to manage Instagram accounts in a time saving and efficient way.
There's different plans available to you and each plan allows you to add a certain amount of accounts. Head over to our pricing page for more information.
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